Hotel flooring might seem like a low priority in the grand scheme of things, but the right floors are critical to making your guests feel comfortable and keeping costs down.

When choosing hotel flooring, factors to consider are aesthetic value, maintenance requirements, durability, guest safety, reflectiveness and the installation process. Overall, polished concrete offers the best solution to these challenges.

Polished concrete hotel flooring keeps staff, guests and owners satisfied. You won’t find a better option for floors in your hotel.


Beautiful Hotel Flooring

One of the top advantages of polished concrete floors is that they’re incredibly attractive. The high gloss finish of polished concrete floors can add a modern and sophisticated look to any hotel.

Polished concrete reflects more light than it absorbs, making every detail in your hotel look better. Nothing turns guests off more than a dingy hotel, and it’s impossible to describe shiny, polished concrete as anything but stunning!

You can impress your guests with polished concrete hotel floors and they’re sure to come back and recommend you to friends.


Safe Guests with Polished Concrete Hotel Flooring

Safety is your top hotel flooring priority because one accident might lead to insurance, legal and reputational issues that could bankrupt you. Despite its smooth and shiny appearance, polished concrete is one of the best non-slip options.

This hotel flooring might look as slippery as freshly Zambonied ice, but it’s actually full of tiny pores that help shoes and luggage wheels stick to it. In the end, your guests will be much safer walking over polished concrete.


Reflective Polished Concrete: Attractive and Energy Saving

Polished concrete’s reflective surface brightens your hotel, enhancing natural light from windows and lowering electricity bills. Also, guests will feel more comfortable and secure in your well-lighted accommodations.

With reflective polished concrete hotel flooring, you need fewer light fixtures and smaller light bulbs. This saves you on electrical installation costs and monthly bills.


Polished Concrete Hotel Flooring Withstands Foot Traffic

Another significant advantage of polished concrete floors is their durability. Polished concrete’s extreme hardness resists all forms of wear and tear.

This makes it an ideal hotel lobby flooring because it won’t suffer from thousands of daily footsteps or dropped luggage. These floors easily last for decades, which saves you a significant amount on repair or replacement costs.


Low-Maintenance Hotel Flooring

Polished concrete floors are also incredibly easy to maintain. A simple sweeping and mopping keeps them looking clean and shiny.

This hotel flooring cuts down on your cleaning crew costs. With polished concrete, your cleaners can focus on things that guests value most, like clean linens and bathrooms.


Efficient Installation With Polished Concrete

Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodelling an existing hotel, polished concrete could offer the most efficient flooring installation process. If your hotel is already sitting on a concrete slab, simply have a crew come to polish it, meaning no buying, shipping and storing new flooring materials.

If you have more questions about beautiful polished concrete flooring for your hotel, contact Ottawa Concrete Polishing today!