Why Authentic Polished Concrete Is The Best Flooring For Commercial Spaces
Authentic polished concrete is a flooring that has been mechanically smoothed to add durability and beauty. Polished concrete floors have a high-gloss finish without needing to be waxed.

In many commercial spaces, you might think their floors are polished concrete when, in reality, they are coated in micro-cement. Micro-cement is a polymer-cement mixture applied in thin coats on top of floors, walls and other surfaces where a polished concrete look is desired.
For the last few decades, many commercial spaces have opted for coating their cement floors instead of polishing them. Recently designers have realized that authentic polished floors are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to create a floor in a commercial space.

Benefits Of Authentic Polished Concrete For Commercial Spaces

Polished floors as a decorative flooring can be the simplest way of creating beautiful floors for your commercial space. The benefits of having a polished concrete floor installed in your building include:
Less Cost- You don’t have to buy expensive coatings and maintenance costs are lower with polished concrete.
Resistance To Foot Traffic- Polished concrete won’t wear away like some coatings might.
Breathability- Moisture can escape from a polished concrete floor so it doesn’t cause damage to the slab.
No Waxing- You won’t have to re-coat your polished concrete to maintain its shine.
Reflects Light- Polished concrete makes your commercial space brighter and can cut down on lighting costs.
Non-Toxic- Floor coatings are made from dangerous chemicals, while polished concrete is only concrete.
You can polish a new structural concrete slab or an existing one. All you need to do to get your concrete polished is remove any existing flooring.

How Are Polished Concrete Floors Made?

Polished concrete floors are created by experienced teams using heavy-duty machines. The first step is applying a concrete hardener, which cures into the floor.

After the hardener dries, diamond polishes are used with progressively finer grits. The process is similar to sanding wood. You can choose the finish of a concrete floor, either 800 grit, 1500 grit or 3000 grit.

Where Can Polished Concrete Flooring Be Used?

Almost any business can benefit from the durability, beauty and simplicity of an authentic polished concrete floor. Some commercial spaces that love their polished concrete floors are:
Office buildings
Retail Spaces
Auto Showrooms