Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is a tough flooring, but it wears out after some years, leaving you needing to find someone to remove it. Hiring a professional contractor is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Whether you want to install new VCT or go a different route, such as with polished concrete, removing the old flooring is difficult. Choosing the right contractor will help you achieve your desired outcome while minimizing disruptions to your space.

In this blog post, our experts will guide you through the VCT removal contractor hiring process, covering key considerations and questions to ask.


Define Your End Goal

Before hiring a VCT removal contractor, it’s crucial to clearly define your end goal. Determine whether you want a complete removal of the VCT tiles or if you require additional services, such as floor preparation for new flooring installation.

Most people want to replace VCT with polished concrete or epoxy coating. These are longer-lasting, lower maintenance alternatives and technological advances have made them more affordable to install.

Communicating your needs and expectations to the contractor will help them tailor their approach and provide accurate cost estimates. Also, they might offer flooring installation services, allowing you to skip the hunt for another operator.


Understanding the Removal Process


It’s critical to have a good understanding of the VCT removal process before hiring a contractor. The process typically involves specialized tools and equipment, including floor scrapers and commercial-grade adhesive removers.

The VCT removal process involves several steps, including:

  • Assessment of the floor to find the most efficient removal procedure.
  • Tile removal, which often involves mechanical, heat or chemical methods.
  • Adhesive removal will be performed with scrapers, soaps or chemicals.
  • Cleaning to give you a fresh start to installing new flooring.

Ask potential contractors about their methods and techniques for VCT removal to ensure they use industry-standard practices.


Ask for References

When hiring a VCT removal contractor, it’s wise to ask for references from previous clients. Contacting these references will give you insights into the contractor’s professionalism, work quality, and adherence to project timelines.

Ask about the contractor’s communication skills, reliability, and whether they were satisfied with the overall VCT removal process. A reputable contractor should be willing to provide references and have a positive track record in the industry.


Where Will the VCT Tile Be Dumped?

Discuss with the contractor how they handle the disposal of the removed VCT tiles. Responsible contractors should have a plan for proper disposal and follow local waste disposal regulations.

They should either dump the waste themselves or work with reputable disposal services. It’s critical to ensure that the removal and disposal of the VCT tiles are done in an environmentally-friendly manner.


How Long Does VCT Removal Take?

The duration of VCT removal will depend on various factors, including the size of the area, the number of layers of VCT tiles, and the complexity of the project. Discuss the estimated timeline with the contractor during the initial consultation.

While specific timelines may vary, experienced contractors can provide a general idea of how long the removal process is likely to take based on their expertise.