Cracks in your concrete got you feeling down? With kintsugi, we see the damaged areas as an opportunity to admire the history and create something of unique beauty.

For kintsugi concrete repair, we fill concrete cracks with golden sealant, highlighting instead of concealing them. This technique is inspired by ancient Japanese pottery repair that also has spiritual, philosophical and aesthetic significance.


Kintsugi Origins

Theories state that kintsugi may have started in the 15th century when an important Japanese figure sent a broken tea bowl to China for repair. The piece returned with ugly metal staples, prompting the owner to seek a more beautiful repair method.

They used gold to repair the cracks, and it became a sensation. Broken and repaired kintsugi pieces became so sought after that merchants purposefully broke ceramic pieces to achieve this desirable look.

Today we can achieve beautiful and long-lasting concrete repairs with this same idea. We don’t recommend breaking your concrete, but if it cracks from typical wear and tear, kintsugi is a surprising option to make the most of the situation.


Is Kintsugi As Strong As Regular Concrete Repair?

For our kintsugi concrete repair, we use the same sealant we would use anyway, but with a special golden pigment. Translating to these repairs being just as strong as regular ones.

Our typical concrete crack repair attempts to blend the colour of the repair with the existing concrete. We get very close to matching the colours, but there is typically a faint difference between the cracks and the rest of the concrete.


Will Kintsugi Work On My Concrete Cracks?

Ottawa Concrete Polishing performs kintsugi golden concrete repair anywhere we would do a normal repair. We inspect every concrete surface first to ensure that crack repair is the best option and will last a long time.

In some cases, cracks could be from an underlying problem in the concrete. This would mean you are better off addressing those issues, instead of attempting a kintsugi repair.

When there are underlying problems in a concrete surface, crack sealing won’t last long as the damage worsens. Furthermore, it’s best to do kintsugi on stable concrete.


Where Does Kintsugi Look Best?

Our kintsugi crack repairs look best in older spaces to highlight the rich character and history. Interior designers recommend this method in modern, minimalist and rustic spaces.

Kintsugi looks amazing in uncluttered rooms where the floor contributes significantly to the atmosphere. Of course, Japanese aesthetics are enhanced by this technique.