Industrial polished concrete is the smartest choice for flooring for large warehouses, factories and logistics centres.

An industrial setting can be rough on flooring. It will have to stand up to incredible foot traffic, chemical spills and heavy machinery. Having a flooring installed that will stand up to all of that leaves you with few options, and the best is polished concrete.
The Aesthetic Appeal Of Industrial Polished Concrete
Polished concrete looks beautiful as flooring in industrial settings. They make a great impression on employees as well as visitors.

An aesthetically polished concrete floor shows that your industrial space is not all business but is a nice place to be. Workers in an industrial setting will feel better at their job when the floors look great.

Because polished concrete reflects more light, it can reduce your lighting needs. This fact lowers your initial investment in light fixtures and your ongoing costs from electricity bills.

Safety Measures With Polished Concrete

You can choose to have essential floor demarcations placed in your space, such as walkways and zebra crossings. These markings make your industrial site safer and more efficient.

Polished concrete has a surprisingly high coefficient of friction. Therefore, it is a highly slip-resistant surface that reduces workplace accidents.
Industrial Polished Concrete Is A Sustainable Flooring
Other concrete flooring options, like epoxy, require toxic chemicals that release their fumes during the drying process. On the other hand, polished concrete requires no additives and is friendlier to the environment and human health.

Polished concrete is LEED approved, unlike epoxy floor coatings. It is part of the sustainable building movement, meaning that you can show the world that you care about the planet.

Life Span Of Polished Concrete Floors
Polished concrete can easily last more than 25 years with correct maintenance. Meanwhile, an epoxy floor coating could wear down after only five years.

The maintenance for a polished concrete floor is simple and low cost. You can keep your polished concrete looking great with regular cleaning tools and products.

The Bottom Line
You have a lot to think about when choosing a flooring option for your industrial space. The right flooring can make your business more successful. We believe that polished concrete is the best choice for an industrial setting because of its simple beauty.

Polished concrete floors are safe, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and easy to maintain. They will make your business more appealing to employees and customers alike. If you want the best flooring for your industrial space, polished concrete meets all your needs.