Epoxy or resin-based coatings have dominated the industrial flooring world for many years. They provide a smooth, rugged flooring that stands up to heavy machinery and foot traffic.

In recent times, the popularity of polished concrete has increased because it offers many of the same benefits as epoxy without the need to add as many products. Epoxy floorings and polished concrete look similar, confusing some people.

How Are Epoxy And Polished Concrete Installed?

Both flooring types start with a raw concrete slab. The slab first needs to have moisture testing performed to ensure that it is ready to have a floor covering installed.

To install epoxy flooring, a layer of the substance is poured onto the slab. Then it is troweled smooth and allowed to dry. It bonds to the top of the concrete for a hard surface.

Polished concrete starts with grinding the top of the floor to a smooth finish. Next, a coat of hardener is added that reacts with the concrete and makes it denser. Finally, diamond grit sandpaper smooths the floor to a glossy finish, and it is sealed from moisture.

How Long Do Epoxy And Polished Floors Last?

An epoxy floor can last anywhere from two to twenty years. Most industrial epoxy floors have a guarantee for ten years. They are also more susceptible to damage like cracking, flaking and scratching.

A polished concrete floor lasts for up to 100 years. They are harder than epoxy floors and won’t scratch easily. Polished concrete resists moisture much better than epoxy.

When Is A Polished Concrete Floor Best?

Polished concrete is normally the best option for floors. They last much longer and are easier to maintain than epoxy.

Polished concrete reflects more light, which can lower your electricity bills. They are easy to clean, which reduces your costs even further.

The environmentally friendly choice is polished concrete for floors. It uses fewer chemicals. It also doesn’t require additional shipping and the emissions that come with it.

When Are Epoxy Floors Best?

If your plan to work with chemicals, an epoxy floor could be the best choice. Polished concrete floors are porous and could let chemicals seep down into the foundation.