Design Inspiration

Color Options

Because of the wealth of experience that we bring to table, we excel at making your vision a reality. In addition of our experience, we have an extraordinary design sense that helps us to find a solution in the most challenging projects. There are so many options for customizing a polished concrete floor, we proficiently inform our clients about the many choices prior to the decision making process. Read more.

Decorative Line Cuts

Decorative line cuts can be machined into any concrete floor to create a tile pattern or created an aesthetically pleasing accent. Aesthetic cuts can be used to break up inconsistencies in problematic slabs sometimes caused by glue or tile patterns from existing floor coverings. Read more.

Glass Seeding

Glass, specialty stones, shells, metal, mirror and many other materials can be broadcasted into a freshly poured concrete slab. Once cured, the imbedded aggregates can be exposed through diamond grinding the surface. When combined with integral colors, specialty sands, and proper seeding techniques, there are virtually unlimited design options. Read more.

Crack control

Ottawa Concrete Polishing consults with clients during all stages of the process until the very end to ensure the best final finish. Crack control should be considered when doing any concrete floor. Our team will consult with the build team to make sure things get done right. Read More.

Concrete Preparation

Ottawa Concrete Polishing has many years of experience grinding and prepping floors for other surfaces to be installed over top of the concrete. Whenever possible we like to use the concrete as the finished surface, but it’s not always exactly the case. We provide other floor finishing services as well.  Read more.

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