We are leaders in the industry when it comes to sustainability and environmental preservation. Our business model incorporates best practice procedures and policies to provide our clients with an environmentally conscious choice. This is the foundation of our company, something we live by, not just a marketing strategy.
Ottawa Concrete Polishing ensures that materials are sourced from local suppliers to reduce the energy costs of transportation. Concrete is a strong, highly durable material with an excellent thermal mass that withstands the insults of nature. Since 80% of a building’s CO2 emissions are from electric utilities (heating, lighting and air conditioning), the heat-retaining properties of concrete results in reduced energy usage compared with other building materials. When a building has reached the end of it’s life, the concrete can be crushed and re-used as aggregate – thus completing a sustainable cycle.

Sustainable Reasons for polished concrete:

Thermal Mass Incorporating radiant floor heating into your concrete floor provides one of the most efficient ways to heat a space. The thermal properties of concrete drastically reduce heating and cooling needs.

Air Quality– Does not hold dust or sustain mold or mildew growth.

Conservation–From an ecological standpoint, the greatest benefit of concrete flooring is conservation. Our landfills are over-flowing with discarded carpet, linoleum and vinyl tile that don’t decompose for thousands of years.

Maintenance–Cleaning is easy simple. On average a home or business will save up to 60% of maintenance costs. All you have to do is sweep and wash with warm water and a gentle floor cleaner.

Ethical Business Practices– We are constantly researching and testing different products and techniques to ensure a healthy living, working, and breathing environmental for you, your family, your customers and your employees. Our high standards for safety and sustainability protect our valuable staff during the application process.

Light Reflectivity- Polished concrete increases ambient light reflection by up to 100%!!! This results in greater visibility, fewer overhead lights, a higher safety factor and a shine that can’t be beat. Of course, the level of shine and reflection are up to you. However, many of our customers have eliminated up to half of their lighting requirements due to this impressive characteristic of polished concrete.

LEED Certification-Ottawa Concrete Polishing is proud to be able to help our customers earn LEED certification points! LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a program developed by the Canada Green Building Council (CGBC). LEED is a set of guidelines to help building owners and design teams determine and achieve green project goals. This program takes the various aspects of a building’s environmental impact into account and then rates the building on a standardized point scale system resulting in a LEED building certification of either Platinum, Gold, or Silver. Polished concrete helps to meet your mark because it reduces impacts from construction or demolition, reduces heating and cooling loads, eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals or other dangerous components and, as a non-emitting material, releases minimal pollutants.

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