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Concrete polishing courses are readily available in any major city. There are many companies fabricating machines, developing new systems and flogging their latest products. Concrete Fusion has been at the forefront of the decorative concrete industry for many years and one of five companies in Canada that have the extensive knowledge and are actually certified as Master Craftsman by the Concrete Polishing Council, and American Society of Concrete Contractors.  We know what works, we have strong opinions on what works, whats looks good, and know how to do things efficiently.


Because we have a concrete placement division, we know concrete mix design! This is extremely important when considering that polished concrete has everything to do with a good starting canvas – the slab! Polished concrete floors are only as good as the slab that has been poured, the better the slab, the better the finish we can achieve. We work close with placer/ finisher teams and build specifications and processes that leave a flat slab, with a hard finish that polishes well. Concrete technology changes quickly, concrete admixtures are creating mix designs that have brought tensile and compressive strength through the roof. Polished concrete floors have specific needs in regards to mix design. Every application requires analysis to determine the best process, mix design, and placement methodology.

We have the answers in with very affordable pricing and the most experienced concrete polishing contractors in the business!

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