Self-Leveling Compound Removal Service

Concrete renovation projects can often have hidden surprises. One common surprise is after removing VCT is discovering leveling compound – a soft, cement – like, self leveling underlayment designed to give the VCT flooring a level finish. Leveling compound removal can be extremely time consuming and frustrating if you don’t have the proper tooling.

Preferred Methods for Leveling Compound Removal:

When removing self leveling underlayment products many people will try to jack hammer the product away. If you are planning on any type of finish to be applied to the floor, this will leave unsightly pop outs of the actual concrete, requiring more work to be performed to the slab. Leveling compound can vary in depths making the project even more challenging. Here is an example of a self leveling underlayment removal project.

Using specialty tooling for grinding down self-leveling compounds and underlayments is the preferred method of removal. By chewing up the product down to the bare concrete they leave the slab in a smoother condition than jack hammering. Once removed, the concrete can then be polished or prepped for another floor covering.


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