Restoring concrete is a matter of proper preparation approaches. The condition of some concrete can be uneven and cracked in several places, and the surfaces can be spalling, weakening and softening. Our experienced team can repair all the weak spots and cracks with a polymer material that provides sufficient flexibility to avoid further deterioration of the concrete. Semi-rigid epoxy can also be placed to further strengthen the concrete from natural expansion and contraction, which is usually what starts the cracking problem. Once preparation is completed, the surface can be ground to bring out the natural “aggregate” or stone originally embedded in the concrete slab. Once the preparation process is completed, we can apply water-based dyes to the floor. The beauty of water-based dyes on a polished floor is its translucent features. This transparency allows for the aggregate to be enhanced with the stain colours. In concrete restoration, you can have your concrete coloured with acid stains, water-based stains, epoxies, and even polished concrete treatments.

Per the customer, proper repairs are a very important component of successful architectural concrete flooring projects. If repairs are done properly, they blend with the visual landscape of the concrete floor. If repairs are done substandard, they overwhelming stand out and cause a disappointing outcome for the customer.

The CPAA (Concrete Polishing Association of America) has set forth a specification for bond and abrasion requirements of repair products and methods. The specifications wording are:  “The specified material must have sufficient bonding capabilities to adhere after the polishing to the concrete surface and provide abrasion resistance equal to or greater than the surrounding concrete substrate.” 

Very few repair products can meet this standard. Even fewer can offer a matching repair that also meets this standard. Ottawa Concrete Polishing meets and exceeds the set industry standard. Our dedicated goal, is to do our part to help improve and expand the architectural concrete floor industry, through the needed and user friendly matching repair systems we produce.

We have the answers in with very affordable pricing and the most experienced concrete polishing contractors in the business!

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