A concrete floor creates a solid surface for all sorts of activities. Over time, blemishes can occur on a slab, making you wonder what can be done to repair it.

Resurfacing concrete is a solution to the damage that can make the surface look new. On the other hand, some critical problems might require an in-depth repair of an underlying issue.

In many cases, cracks, spalling or pitting are signs that you need concrete resurfacing. But, understanding more about these problems can help you determine if there is a more serious problem that needs fixing.


Concrete Cracks That Can Be Resurfaced

Cracks are a common issue in concrete floors that can come from shrinkage during drying. A cosmetic crack on the surface can be filled in and resurfaced.

Small cracks, under 0.3mm in width, are normally cosmetic problems that can be fixed with resurfacing. A wider crack should be inspected by an expert to determine if it could be a sign of an underlying issue that needs other repairs.

Also, if the two edges of a crack are at different heights, it will need a more in-depth repair before it can be resurfaced. Any crack that goes through a slab needs to be fixed by experts.


Spalling That Can Be Resurfaced

Spalling concrete looks like the surface is flaking, chipping or peeling away. There are several causes of this damage, including:

  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Bad finishing techniques
  • Improper curing
  • De-icers
  • Poor concrete mix

Luckily, if the damage isn’t too deep into the slab, spalling can be repaired and resurfaced. However, fixing this issue as soon as possible is critical because the longer it continues, the more likely you will face an expensive slab failure.


Pitting That Can Be Corrected With Resurfacing

Pitting is any hole or many holes in the surface of a concrete floor. Pitting might be caused by an impact, a botched application or result from spilled chemicals.

Like with spalling, if pitting isn’t too deep into the slab, it can be resurfaced. First, the pits must be filled to create a level surface.


How We Resurface Concrete Floors

At Ottawa Concrete Polishing, we are your local master of resurfacing damaged concrete floors. Our experts take the utmost care to bring your surface back to life so you can enjoy it for many years.

We start our resurfacing process by assessing the damage. Next, we fill in any low spots with a high-quality cement mixture. Then, we use our industrial grinder to smooth out the entire floor.

Additionally, we can add a hardener that will protect the surface from future damage. Finally, we can seal the concrete to keep moisture and stains out.


Are You Ready For Concrete Resurfacing?

If your concrete floor is suffering damage as we have described here, call us to see how we can fix it. Our experts will take care of your every need and make your floor look new again!