Ottawa Concrete Polishing is a well-known and trusted company. We are proud to offer concrete polishing and smoothing services all around Ottawa and Ontario.

Our specialty is installing polished concrete floors and other concrete floor coverings. We do residential, commercial and large industrial projects with a high level of care that has created many happy customers. Moreover, we are confident that we will fulfill all of your expectations in a cost and time effective manner.


Polishing A Warehouse Floor

We recently polished a large warehouse floor in Ottawa and thought it would be helpful to share the steps we took to do it. The warehouse now has a functional and beautiful polished concrete floor. This job was a perfect example of the kind of work we specialize in and that we want to help more people accomplish.

This particular floor had been in place for many years. Therefore, it needed a full restoration. That includes:

  • Initial Grinding
  • Repairs
  • Joint Rebuilding
  • Polishing
  • Finishing


Grinding Stage

We started this job by getting all of the old flooring and other impurities off the surface of the concrete. Lots of foreign materials had built up over the years and we were pretty aggressive.



Cracks and holes in the floor need to be repaired to start with a flat surface. Any dips in the floor need to be levelled.


Joint Rebuilding

Joints in the concrete wear down over the years. Our team is made up of experts in rebuilding concrete joints so they can last for many decades to come.



We use the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®System to put a fine polish on concrete floors that impresses customers with its beauty.



A sealer is applied to protect the polish and add some anti-slip protection. A floor treated this way looks beautiful, is easy to maintain and lasts 25 years or longer.

If you are interested in having your concrete floor polished, make an appointment today. We are the leading experts in concrete floor polishing in Ottawa.