Extending your living space outdoors is a perfect way to get the most out of your property. But you may wonder: “What is the best flooring for exterior spaces?”

Polished concrete, or honed, is a wonderful option for outdoor flooring. It provides many benefits outside, including a sleek appearance, low-maintenance requirements and high durability.

It may not be the first material that comes to mind for outdoor floors, but it stacks up well against more traditional options. To understand how polished concrete works better than other exterior floorings we can consider some side-by-side comparisons.


Wood Decks

Wooden decks are a classic form of outdoor flooring that you can see on homes all over Canada. They add charm to a house and are fairly easy to build.

But wood decks require regular maintenance or they quickly deteriorate and become dangerous. They must be cleaned annually to prevent stains and rot. Every few years, wooden decks should be resealed or repainted because of weather damage. Wood decks also pose a fire hazard.

On the other hand, polished concrete doesn’t require much maintenance, will never catch fire and won’t deteriorate the same way as wood. If you don’t like doing chores on your exterior spaces, a polished concrete floor could be a better choice than wood.


Outdoor Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular outdoor flooring choices for their organic textures and colours. They’re also durable and simple to clean.

Unfortunately, tiles are difficult to install and require a few extra steps that polished concrete doesn’t. The area will need a layer of hardscape sand to prevent weeds from growing between tiles. The alternative to sand is to pour a concrete base, meaning it would be simpler to skip the tiles and go for a polished concrete floor.

Polished concrete outdoors is simpler than tile. Especially if you already have a concrete slab in place to work with. Plus, you’ll never worry about weeds popping through solid concrete.


Artificial Turf

Fake grass is an appealing option for outdoor living because it gives you a green, natural feeling, without watering, fertilizing or mowing. It creates a soft, comfortable walking area for kids and adults alike.

However, artificial turf has drawbacks because it’s essentially an outdoor rug that needs cleaning and maintenance. The plastic blades of fake grass trap dirt, dust, leaves, branches, animal hairs and any other debris that might move through your outdoor space. This outdoor floor may last only eight to ten years with proper care and less if you skip maintenance.

Meanwhile, polished concrete lasts for decades with very little care. You can count on this surface to keep its sleek appearance for a long time of satisfied outdoor living.


Brick or Stone Pavers

Brick and stone paver patios bring a traditional look to your outdoor space. These materials have a charming appearance that matches many landscaping designs perfectly.

On the other side, pavers aren’t sealed and could be susceptible to erosion from rain. Unsealed joints in brick or stone patios can grow weeds. Also, tree roots can push apart pavers, requiring time-consuming and costly repairs.

Polished exterior concrete gives your outdoor space a beautiful, solid appearance. It won’t grow weeds and will be low maintenance for many years of hassle-free enjoyment.